Cellulite Reduction

Get rid of that unwanted cellulite.

Cellulite describes the superficial pockets of trapped fat, which causes uneven dimpling. Cellulite is typically found in the thighs, buttocks and/or abdomen and is not related to obesity. It can occur in all body types and sizes. Our Viora laser helps to reduce cellulite quickly and painlessly with no downtime. With the use of Radiofrequency energy and vacuum suction, it provides improvement of blood circulation and cellulite reduction. We start by preheating to warm the skin to the point of clinical efficacy temperature. Next is 10 minutes of deep tissue healing that stimulates natural lipolysis, while maintaining the needed temperature. This helps reduce the volume of fat cells and viora’s vacuum therapy helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing edema. Finally 4 minutes of treatment encourages fibroblast activity and gives a tightening effect. Heated fibroblasts lead to improved firmness and elasticity of the skin. Recommended 4-8 treatments.

3 Treatments
3 Treatments

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