Free Skin Analysis By Emage Pro

Intense magnification in normal, parallel polarized, cross polarized and UV light
High resolution 3D technology – Shows patients detailed condition of their skin

Laser Treatments

The highest performance aesthetics laser system which provides superior results without down time and minimal discomfort.  We offer a long list of beautifying, firming, tightening, smoothing and rejuvenating treatments.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Celebrities and social elite have been early adopters of the amazing results of IV Therapy and Booster Shots. Although offering these treatments in a private spa like setting is a relatively new concept.



Platelet Rich plasma (P.R.P) therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.


Skin Products

This is a completely non-invasive facelift treatment that is currently the most advanced method for a patient to restore their youthful face without having to undergo a painful surgical operation. The individual who will most benefit from a Thread Lift is anyone who has signs of gravitational facial aging, such as drooping eyebrows, necks, cheeks, and/or jowls.



The treatment involves the use of HIFEM to treat and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles


Aesthetics Services

Our beauty experts have been certified and experienced in identifying different skin types, texture and needs. They will be working round the clock to give you that desired look you imagined..


Injectable fillers have developed and improved greatly since they were initially discovered. They provide a minimally-invasive alternative to surgical procedures such as facelifts, while still providing a great anti-aging and rejuvenating effect. There is a wide range of fillers available to satisfy individual needs.

Sexual Rejuvenation

Our certified provider has a true passion for not only enhancing patient performance, but also boosting their confidence.


Wellness & Anti-Aging

Our team of plastic surgeons, nurses and medical aestheticians are trained to offer the most advanced and comprehensive treatments and technology for all your aesthetic needs.


Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal by experienced professionals using world famous PicoSure. The PicoSure laser removes tattoos FASTER than any other laser.



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